We reveal London’s Best Brownie, and it’s a chocolate lover’s dream

Having toured the markets and stalls of London, we are ready to reveal the very best chocolate brownie you’ll find in this great metropolis. And the winner is..

Here at MarketDayLDN we wouldn’t say we’re experts in many things. But when it comes to chocolate brownies, trust us, we make Stephen Hawking look like an amateur who dabbles in a bit of science.

And after some extensive taste testing, and much deliberation, we’re delighted to reveal to you the best of the brownies London has to offer.

And the winner is… Bad Brownie!

Bad Brownie

The company is the brain child of Paz and Morag, and like a good brownie, they’ve nurtured it over time, now employing a team of chocolatiers to make sure they keep up with the heavy demand.

Bad Brownie ©

And who knew dragons are as partial to a bit of chocolate as the rest of us? After an appearance on the BBC programme ‘Dragons Den’, an experience Paz and Morag describe as “terrifying and exhilarating in equal measure”, they walked away with a substantial investment from business magnate Touker Suleyman.

“Slight crunch of the outside…”

As for the brownies themselves… the slight crunch of the outside gives way to a centre which is melting and soft and light with a chocolate hit which is not for the faint of heart: none of your anaemic, bland brownies here. And if you like a bit of goo in your brownie, these do not disappoint.

“None of your anaemic, bland brownies here…”

We went for the triple chocolate which you can drool over above, but they also offer peanut butter and salted caramel versions, along with a few more niche specialities from time to time, including tiramisu, banoffee pie and even maple and bacon!

Bad Brownie ©

So if your chocolate cravings have been activated, find Bad Brownie at King’s Cross Market, Spitalfields Market, Farringdon Market, or various others across the capital.


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