How to spend the perfect Sunday morning…

One too many dirty pints at Rowans last night?

Head down to Ally Pally Farmers Market…

Well, what else is a better option for a Sunday morning? – Ally Pally’s famous Farmers Market provides all the meat and dairy produce from the provinces to ease that hangover.

The Realist ©

Goose-fat burgers and grilled Cumberland sausages from The Giggly Pig will hit the spot. Although, arguably the German Beer company are the best bürgermeisters in this joint providing their Chilli Cheese burger all the way from Bavaria to go along their amazing selection of wheat beers.

As per normal the family area will be in full swing, with much of the neighbourhood congregating on the makeshift eating areas (wooden garden furniture, lawn chairs). 

Coming soon…

New next month is the extended portion out to the back near the palace – only for the summer!

Come and get caffeinated at the Australian coffee stall  “Stella’s” which makes our favourite antipodean flat whites as well as your classic chai lattes and cappuccinos.

Whether you want fresh fruit and veg, seafood, cheese, bread, juices or delicious, freshly prepared on-the-go snacks – Ally Pally has everything.

Ally Pally Farmers Market also offers delectable pickles and condiments, honey, jams, and alternative conserves. As well as deliciouss mezze meals that if it were not for the gentle London rain you’d think you were in Beirut. Freshly marinated olives and ready to eat Italian, Indian and Asian style dishes created with locally sourced ingredients.

And Ally Pally not only has the farmers market serving all of our dehydrated needs – but there’s the ice rink, the building and a duck pond.

Oh and we forget breathtaking panoramic views of this capital city of ours. Something for everyone – no excuse not to.


Muswell Hill Entrance (Hornsey Gate)


Sunday 26th Feb
Sunday 12th March
Sunday 19th March


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