Street Food in the Office

How to get the best of London’s street food without leaving the office…

Nothing quite beats the experience of a food market. Aromatic smells, the hustle and bustle of people and street traders flogging their food in their native tongue.

But some days, you’ve barely managed to drag yourself into the office.

You left your umbrella at home, your shoe is soaked from that massive puddle and your socks are still drying on the radiator.

The grey skies outside the window are positively threatening and the thought of leaving the office is uninviting to say the least.

But you need to get some lunch. Because of course the lunch you lovingly prepared last night is still sitting pretty in your fridge at home.

How do you get yourself a decent, mood-improving meal without leaving the confines of the office?

Silly question. It’s 2017. There’s an app for that…Deliveroo.

But Deliveroo are offering something new: London’s street food delivered straight to your office.

The best of KERB Camden is available Monday to Friday between 11:30am and 3pm.

Simply go online or use the app to see if KERB Camden deliver to you.

Have a look at our recommendations from KERB Camden.



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