10 Street Food Market Facts you don’t really need but will enjoy!

1. Street food started in Asia.  It’s massive in America and it’s fast growing across Europe now too.

2. Borough Market has existed in one form or another for around 1,000 years.  It’s not exactly known when it started – there was no official opening or mention in a chronicle – but it’s believed to be 1014.

Know your London ©

3. There are more than 350 markets across London (with the number dedicated solely to food fast increasing).

4. Brixton Market was the first market with electricity in the country and stands, as a result, on Electric Avenue.

5. Fried scorpion and starfish are famous snacks in Beijing and widely available in street food markets.  We dare you!

Wangfujing Snack Street
China Highlights ©

6. The street food trend in Britain has become so successful that it has its own Oscars – The Street Food Awards.

7. An olympic sprinter opened the first food stall in Camden Market.  June Foulds who won a Bronze medal in 1952 and Silver in 1956 in the 100m relay opened the stall in 1974.  It was simply called “The Stall”.

8. Food Stalls can be a lucrative business with estimated earnings for the most successful vendors at around £1,000 a day!

9. Radio DJ and TV personality Chris Evans once had his own stall in the Stables Market.  But, only for a day!  Chris Evans had said if his show failed to get good ratings in 2004 he would set up a stall in Camden Market.  When the show was cancelled because of poor ratings the final episode featured him staying true to his word.

10. This foodie phenomenon can be traced back to Roman times.  Most of the population of Londinium did not have access to a kitchen so they relied on street vendors.  Evidence of the variety of food on offer is scant but Roman excavations within the Square Mile nearly always include oyster shells (at the time shellfish was commonly found in British Waters and therefore eaten widely by the lower classes).


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