Donald Trump getting you down? Fake news riling you up? Maybe a Melton Mowbray pie can take you to your happy place.

Let’s face it, the world is going crazy. Whether it’s Trump’s newest outburst, or the latest celebrity publicity stunt, this planet can seem a pretty frenzied place. But there is nothing like sitting down with a pie and a pint to make the world seem calmer.

For generations, people at football matches and elsewhere have asked a question we all assumed was rhetorical: “who ate all the pies?” We can now confirm, dear reader, that it was us.

Pies that have to be tasted to be believed…

We went to King’s Cross Market to sample the wares of Hartland Pies a family run company operating from Nottingham. And oh. My. Word. their pies have to be tasted to be believed.

Their philosophy, they say, is simple: high quality ingredients, including meat from animals who have lived and eaten well, and pastry made to complement the fillings.

There’s an array of tempting flavours, ranging from pork and Spanish sausage to smoky bacon, but we kept it traditional and went for a Melton Mowbray. The ingredients? Pork, nutmeg, salt and pepper.


Take your mind away from the chaos

The pastry is golden and crispy but not too thick, and cutting into it reveals beautifully cooked pork which holds its shape. The crunch from the pastry and the softness of the meat filling together are enough to take your mind away from whatever chaos is unfolding in this world, and leave you floating on some heavenly plain.


So next time the world seems a bit too much, get yourself down to Kings Cross Market on Wednesdays-Fridays, or Woodgrange Market over the weekends, and treat yourself to a Hartland Pie.


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