Lunch at Spitalfields Food Market

Slow cooked meats and veggie feasts are on offer for lunch at Spitalfields Market’s weekday food market. Spring has sprung and it’s time to get yum foods in your tum.

Spitalfields Market is always a little bit special. It’s one of my go-to places for when friends and family are visiting. Each day there is a differently themed market for jewellery, design, antiques, you name it! But it turns out that during the week there is an even bigger treasure trove – a food market.

Granted, Spitalfields has a couple of food options on any given day at any time, but I would always avoid the chain restaurants and head straight for the stands in the North East of the complex – you’ll find Bleecker St burgers, Sud Italia pizzas, or Crosstown Donuts (review of which is here).

But midweek from 11am to 3pm (4pm on Thursdays and Fridays) there is an extra array of food stalls, and as in keeping with MarketDayLDN’s general thing, I think they’re even better.

It’s so good in fact that on a sunny day, the nice folk of the City of London will make the necessary trek especially for the great lunch options Spitalfields London has to offer. I have below just three of the food stalls I love, but let us know what you think – and we will keep growing the list of suggestions!



Do you like slow smoked, fall off the bone type of meat? You are in good company my friend! It’s impossible to walk past this place without putting in an order, mainly because it’s the prevailing yummy smell of the market.

Smokoloko smoke their meat in what can only be described as an old school train with a fire pit inside (see photo above) – I guess hence “loco”(motive). This is not one of those situations where you could do this better at home, no. Because you don’t have a smoker like this at home (unless you do, in which case, let’s be friends and I’ll bring the wine).

The owners are Brazilian, I believe, and have stayed true to the spicy and sweet flavours of Brazilian cuisine. The meat is what the word sumptuous was invented to describe. When you order it is cut hot straight from the joint, right in front of you and prepared in a wrap along with fresh salad, BBQ sauce, and I’m sure there is something else magic in there. It’s a feast for the senses!

This is likely enough for any lunchtime visitor. But if you’re up for it, call it a starter and then get going on the other market options for main course and dessert.

The Duck Truck


Honestly, this is the main reason I came back to the Spitalfields Market. I had it ONCE and the fleeting interaction was enough for me to know it would have to be mine again. The Crispy Duck Wrap is amazing, and definitely the best option if you’re in polite company (e.g. with a boss, client, or date). However, my preferred option is probably the Pulled Duck Brioche Bun.


Don’t say I didn’t warn you – it’s messy (ask for a fork, because you will want to sweep up the spillage in the box), but it’s oh so tasty. I think it’s the hoisin sauce mixed with the slaw and the freshness of the cucumber… or is it just the duck!? They’ll ask you if you would like some spicy sauce. The answer should be yes. I am a spice-aholic, and found it to be below what I would constitute as spicy, so next time I’ll be asking for more.

If it’s a Friday (calories don’t count on Fridays, FYI) then order the Duck Fat Chips!! They are the bomb. Duck fat for everyone!

In case you miss the shiny Spitalfields Duck Truck during the week, they are also at Box Park all seven days. So either way, a good post-Spitalfields shopping snack.

That can be the main course. Now for dessert…

La Aceituna


Now to go indoors. In the food corner, in front of Bleecker St, you’ll see a bog standard Spitalfields Market stand with exceptional sweetness! I would advise you go straight for the Baklava, but I’m old fashioned. The lovely owners will help you in figuring out what middle eastern deliciousness you should treat yourself with, and they are very friendly with the tasters. Try them all! This photo above only shows the Turkish Delight options. The honey, butter and pistachio treats, aka the best ones, are on the other side.

Other dessert options…

We’ve done a review on Crosstown Donuts – so you probably know we are very into them (be adventurous!) For healthier treats, the market has some gluten free, sugar free, and vegan dessert options.

If you prefer a sit down dessert, then might I suggest you go to Taberna do Mercado to break with tradition and have a Pasteis de Nata (Portuguese custard tart – usually consumed in the mornings, but this is 2017).

Don’t forget, Department of Coffee and Social Affairs also recently opened up a coffee shop at Spitalfields recently. It’s conveniently located right beside the weekday food market, for the necessary caffeine dose to overcome that post-lunch slump.


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