Double the Fun!

Eating for two at London food markets…

They say that when you become pregnant that you should NOT eat for two. Well, I say you absolutely MUST eat for two. I mean, you have a lot to contend with in those nine months: you can’t drink (and drunk people are the worst), you feel nauseous for a solid three months (“maybe food will make me feel better”), and you’re body is housing an actual growing person who will soon be in your life and bring unknown joy and God knows what! You’re eating in a mini-celebration of the freedom that you have left.

Five months ago I found myself “with child”, or as I prefer to say it, knocked up (it was the moment we all fell in love with Seth Rogen’s charm). And sticking to healthy options became so difficult (OK, I didn’t try).

Now I eat for two fully grown humans – I know she’s not even born yet but she’s fully grown at the size she is. Sure sugar and empty calories aren’t encouraged during pregnancy, but they’re encouraged by me. So here is your guide to market stalls that are free of raw-eggs, alcohol, deli meats and unpasturised cheese.

The Big V

This place is amazing. Many mummies in the making want to keep themselves all Gwenyth Paltrow and go without any chemicals in the beauty routine and their food. If this is you, then The Big V is for you.

Previously named the Veggie Table, the couple who own this stall decided to turn full on vegan on ethical ground. They source all vegetable ingredients come from Ted’s veg in Borough Market, which comes from Ted’s farm near Boston in Lincolnshire – all crops are grown CHEMICAL FREE. And the bread is organic too! It’s hard to believe it’s so healthy, but in my completely unscientific mind, this is the stuff that creates super-brained babies (that’s a thing).

PhotoIns ©


Greenwich Market
Broadway Market

La Mian & Dim Sum

Imagine noodles and dim sum made fresh in front of your face. Yes pleeease. It’s glorious. These guys take their food seriously, just look at their faces! But we are serious abou tdim sum! And it doesn’t disappoint. I mean, I want some now. There are some great pork and vegetarian options, but I usually go for Chicken.

Greenwich Market ©


Greenwich Market: Tues – Fri
Brick Lane Market: Sundays only

M’Lord of the Fries

M’Lord of the Fries ©

When in Greenwich Market, get some of these fries as you stroll around. I know the Mums-to-be blogs will tell you to carry around carrot sticks and trail mix, but honestly. Tennessee Buffalo is the flavour to get. But visit M’Lord of The Fries, don’t regret it. If you’re on a health kick then go for the sweet potato… I guess.


Greenwich Market

Soul Food

When you visit this little gem in the middle of Borough Market, it’s a feast for all the senses! You can’t walk past Soul Food without smelling the amazing barbecued smells of the Carribean. Must get is the BBQ Chicken wrap – chicken is a safe, go to source of protein that is never served undercooked. The sweet mixed with the spicy makes Afro-Carribean a great source for satisfying any food cravings. Now that I mention it… Get me a BBQ Chicken Wrap!

Soul Food ©


Borough Market

Sheng High

You may be noticing a trend, but I really love me some dim sum. The best dim sum on the menu is the Chicken Shengjianbao. It’s glorious. It’s sweet, gingery, light, and perfect for some chopstick to mouth action. Honestly, the dim sum at Sheng High might even be even better than La Mian, and while they don’t quite have the same selection La Mian, they are well worth a trip to KERB at King’s Cross.

Sheng High ©


KERB, King’s Cross


This is what you tease yourself with and walk straight past because that AMAZINGLY YUM raclette cheese is unpasteurised cheese and off the menu only lil baba enters the outside world. But stare it down, maybe take a photo of yourself with it. You may have to wait at Kappacasein but be assured it is sooo worth it. (I am approx 12 weeks and counting away… woo!)

Katie Parla ©

OK fine! We have one more. It’s cheesy. And completely, 100% pregnancy friendly (at least most menu options).


Borough Market

Grill my Cheese

If you haven’t been here, I feel really excited to be the first to tell you. This place is amayyy. You know, I hate to discuss calories, but you do have a lot spare as a result of all the alcohol you’re not consuming. And you are growing a person inside of you! So get a grilled cheese. Spitalfields is a fun place to go in general (might I suggest Thursdays as the antiques market is on) and Grill my Cheese is open noon to 2pm weekdays. I’ve always gone for the classic “G.M.C.” but feel free to get adventurous. Just double check with the guys that the cheese being used is all pasteurised. “YUM!”- baby review, The Foetus Times.

Grill My Cheese ©


Leather Lane Market, Spitalfields


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