Full of the joys of Spring

What will Spring bring?

Civil Eats ©

As a new season starts, we find the best use of fruit and vegetables across London’s food markets. Eating seasonally makes economic sense and promises numerous health benefits. Foods in seasons contain a number of nutrients and minerals to help you prepare for the shift in weather.

From March to May, make sure to scout out these stalls for Spring’s seasonal fruit and veg!


Although technically a vegetable, maincrop rhubarb is treated as a fruit. The deep red stalks have a slight green tinge and a tart, intense flavour. Head to Rosebud Preserves, where Elspeth Biltoft has created a seasonal preserve to bring in Spring.

Rosebud Preserves ©


Borough Market: Wed-Sat


This leafy green is a real superfood (as promoted by qualified nutritionist Popeye). Although spinach is available all year round, it is in season from March to June and boasts added nutritional qualities during these months. Rich in iron, this spinach can restore energy, as well as increasing vitality. Head over to Popina and tuck into their Spinach Burek to get those biceps bulging.

Popina ©


King’s Cross Station Market: Wed-Fri, 12pm-7pm
Swiss Cottage Farmers Market: Wed, 10am-3pm
Bloomsbury Farmers Market: Thurs, 9am-2pm
Portobello Road Market: Fri-Sat, 9am-3pm
Broadway Market: Sat, 9am-5pm
Brook Green Market: Sat, 10am-3pm
Venn Street Market: Sat, 10am-4pm
West Hampstead Farmers Market: Sat, 10am-2pm
Marylebone Farmers Market: Sun, 10am-2pm
Queen Park Farmers Market: Sun, 10am-2pm

Spring Onions

Sweet and mellow, spring onions still have a strong flavour due to the small onion bulbs at their base and more flavoursome green tips. Now Ink may seem like an odd choice with Szechuan crispy calamari the only thing on the menu. But this sumptuous squid is topped with fresh spring onions which bring a real intensity to this dish.

Scott Can Eat ©


KERB, Camden: Mon-Fri, 12pm-5pm & Sat-Sun, 11am-6pm

So if you’re keen to get a nutritious kick from some seasonal fruit and veg, head down to one of these stalls over the coming months. And with calls to consume five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, check out this list for other fresh goods between March and May.


Jersey Royal New Potatoes
Purple Sprouting Broccoli
Savoy Cabbage
Spring Greens


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