Lent in London

How to keep your Lent at food markets…

If this year you’ve decided to give up something for Lent, you may be struggling already.

Well MarketDayLDN have been scouring London to find the best street food for those trying to cut out certain food groups over the next 40 days. Whether you’re avoiding gluten, alcohol or just seeking to get a bit leaner, we’ve got you covered. Don’t let Lent keep you away from stuffing your face at London’s best food markets.

Sugar Free

Given up chocolate but can’t stop dreaming of cakes and cookies? Fear not…

Mr Prempy’s

For all things raw, head over to Muswell Hill for these incredible, organic goods. Mr Prempy’s only use natural sweeteners…bad sugars completely banned! Don’t miss the Ludwig von Acaiberry to satisfy your sugar cravings.

Mr Prempy’s ©


Alexandra Palace Farmers Market

Gluten Free

Food Navigator ©

Gluten free can seem like a minefield. Hoards of burger stands looking to stick some complex carbohydrates around that patty can be alluring but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Horn OK Please

When you think of Indian street food, gluten free doesn’t scream out to you at first. But Horn OK Please‘s traditional moong dal dosa could be perfect for you. It’s a traditional dish with a breakfast vibe: an Indian pancake made from fermented rice and lentils. It comes filled with masala potatoes, spicy chick peas as well as Sev, a crunchy chick pea noodles with an optional pomegranate covering. Totally filling and totally gluten free.

Horn OK Please ©


Borough Market
Southbank Centre Market

Ethiopian Flavours

Ethiopian Flavours provides punters with an explosion of flavour. The traditional curries are filled with Berbere spice and a blend of butters and come with a mixture of lentils, eggs, carrots and spinach.

Ethiopian Flavours ©


Borough Market

Fat Free

Beat the bloat with these fat free market stalls in the capital.

Total Organics

Think salad is boring? Think again, Total Organics salad and juice bar will help you create your own artisan salad to go along side the a protein packed vegetable omelette. From french dressings to light balsamic, Total Organics will make you feel like Gywneth Paltrow leaving a Bikram yoga session after a 20 day juice fast.

Total Organics ©


Borough Market


Head to Souperb to enjoy the pleasure of watching your soup be made from start to finish. Choosing the ingredients that go in to the pot you get to see all that fresh veg blended. A superb way to keep trim and keep you warm as we watch this winter slip away.

Souperb ©


Duke of York Street Market

So there you have it. You can still indulge this Lent so go and try it for yourself. We’d love to hear what you’ve been eating in the capital this week. Leave us a comment down below.


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