The Best Female-run Market Stalls

Support your local market, girl gang!

EVERY day is a good day to celebrate amazing women around us all, not just International Women’s Day. We at MarketDayLDN HQ want to make sure that this is the case, so we have put together some of the best of female in London’s market scene. Just another example of how awful a day without women would be (what we do without some of these delicious treats?!)

Let us know if we are missing any other notable girl gang market stands, via Twitter @marketdayLDN

The Meringue Girls

Where: Saturdays at Broadway Market: 9am-5pm
Also available to order from daily!

What: Number 1 most instagrammable foods of all time (according to me). Yummy and decorative meringues for parties and gifts to yourself… The colours are amazing, and the taste matches! We love the unicorn poo, mostly because we are actually eight years old, but also because it’s so colourful and sweet. The best is probably any one of the mini pavalovas. Get one of each and share with a friend, and then run around London Fields to rid yourself of the sugar rush!

Who: Alex and Stacey met one another in the restaurant business when they decided to start their own business while also having a little fun. They now cycle around East London on a meringue raindbows delivering unicorn poo to events, cafes and homes. This is what I imagine at least… but here they are to tell you theirselves:

Dhan Waffles 

Where: Sat & Sun, 10am-4pm at Maltby Street Market

What: Waffles in egg form, obviously! Dhan Waffle offer up this Taiwanese delicacy:  it’s like a cross over between a waffle and a doughnut. The batter is put inside an hot iron egg-shaped mold and spun around so to fill the mold and leave a space in the centre for the toppings! The toppings include vanilla custard, salted caramel, honey, peanut butter, peanut brittle or nutella. Get one of each and it comes served in an egg container! That is the kind of kitsch that just understands me. This food is also very instagramm friendly. So key.

Who: Birdy and Blair started the business just a couple of years ago and have managed to expand it recently all the way to… Melbourne, Australia! Dhan Waffles are a traditional dessert in Taiwan, usually served in food markets, sometimes in crazy shapes including SpongeBob Square Pants (how much are flights to Taiwan?). They have some of biggest queues for this stand, because not only is the food photogenic, it’s also perfect for sharing and enjoying the taste! The pair had an interview on their website that shows the product much better than I can:

Smokin Lotus

Where: Wednesdays: 11:30am-2pm, at KERB Kings Cross

What: Southern-style BBQ’d smokey meats in Asian inspired dishes. Choose from 8hr smoked pork, 10hr smoked beef or wood smoked tofu and then put it in either a sandwich or a salad box. Personal favourite is the salad box,  because it’s not just a load of green leaves, it’s filled with yummy asian slaw, pickled chillis and Japanese potato salad (that’s definitely a thing).

All the meats are sourced from pretty much the best suppliers in London and are cooked in something that is amazingly called the “Cookshack SM160 smoker”. That is badass.

Who: Founder Rosie Chik is passionate about good food, with a particular appreciation for both smoked meats and asian flavours. Chik is one cool chick (c’mon, I had to!). She was basically inspired from traveling over and back to Asia and realised the combination of flavours worked amazingly with smoked meats. She actually developed tailor made aromatics for smoking the meat herself, using woods and various herbs. An impressive lady to be sure. And what could be better? This week Smokin Lotus was voted Trader of the Week at KERB. This is the kind of food I can really support!

The Free From Bakehouse

Copyright: The Free From Bakehouse
The Free From Bakehouse, Borough Market ©

Where: Wed-Sat at Borough Market

What: A solution to all life’s problems! Well, not exactly, but for those with Coeliac disease or who are gluten / wheat free by choice, this bakery makes hands down the best gluten free produces I’ve come across.

Honestly, I am not one for diet-friendly treats. I’m like, if I’m doing this I’M DOING THIS. But Free From‘s carrot cake (dairy free, my lactose intolerant friends) and is probably in my top three carrot cakes of all time. For something extra special, try the peanut butter & white chocolate blondie. I don’t know how they do it, but it’s glorios and sugar free?! I don’t need to know, I just need to eat.

Who: Caroline Aherne is the entrpreneurial woman behind the sweet treats. She challenged herself to make traditional and delicious cakes for those with food intolerances, and she succeeded in making them for everyone! Her business has greatly expanded and you can now even find her baked goods at Fortnum and Mason and Wholefoods Market. A talented lady! Our tastebuds will be forever grateful.

Let us know if we’ve missed any of the top market mamas bossing London!


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