Life of Pie: London’s Markets do them best!

 We are a nation of pie lovers. And we are on the hunt to find the best pie in London since 3.142.

Though historians date the pie crust back to the ancient greeks which took a long road via the Romans all the way up to Londinium. We think there’s nothing more British then a pie even if those pesky Australians have tried to claim meat pies for their own – and we at MarketDayLDN our very proud of that. And that’s why we’re so happy that British Pie Week is here. And all week in honour of British Pie Week – we’ve been trekking across London to test out the huge variety of options there are as suggested by some of our best Twitter friends.


We tried both the Moodog Pie and the Wild Shroom pie. The Moodog pie is created with real chunks of steak meat, smoke bacon and ale- never have we have tasted such succulent meat in a pie. It was so fresh and perfect balanced against the delectable ale of the pie.


The Wild Shroom also gave our palette a taste that we hadn’t experienced before. The asparagus and the mushroom perfectly complimented each other in a way you wouldn’t expect. Especially when coupled with the delicious white wine sauce.

Pieminister can be found at Borough Market either on Mon-Thurs: 10am-5pm or Friday: 10am-6pm or Saturday: 9am-5pm.

Hartland Pies

We had to head back over to Hartland Pies at Kings Cross Market to try one of their delightful Pork Pies – direct from Melton Mowbray. The delightful man serving me recommended highly the Stilton Pork Pie but personally no blue stuff. We went for the classic Pork Pie and boy did we have fun. The casing crumbled away as we bit into it and we rubbed it from our lips before biting into the pork. It was like a sexy meaty Flake advert.

Hartland Pies ©

Kings Cross Market is open Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays from 12pm-7pm

Pie, mash and liquor from Manze's #Walthamstow #london #Instafood #FoodPorn

A post shared by Daniel Copley (@danielharrycopley) on

Daniel Harry Copley recommended this delightful pie at Walthamstow Market and it was definitely worth the trek to Zone 3. As we rode that speedy Victoria line we couldn’t help ourselves from salivating at that beautiful Instagram photo. When we finally made it and we bit into the chicken and mushroom pie. Oh Em Gee – this didn’t even need any gravy but when it came to the gravy boy were they liberal.

Walthamstow Market is open Tues-Saturday 08:00 – 17:30

So what’s your favourite pie in London? Tweet us and let us know!!


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