7 Reasons to Visit Hawker House

Hawker House is back….

Part of the Street Feast chain, this venue is one of the largest street food markets in London. Open every Friday and Saturday from 5pm until late, it’s perfect to visit with friends before a big night out.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s 7 reasons from visitors….

  1. The Gin Kitchen

Yep, that’s right. There’s a kitchen, just for gin! And they do Gin bingo. Which means you could win a bottle of Bombay. Let the good times beGIN.

2. The liquid nitrogen ice cream

This tastes so much better than it sounds. Head towards the clouds of steam and discover the pinnacle of pleasure that is Chin Chin Labs. We recommend the Brownwich…ice cream encased by brownies…enough said.

3. It’s family friendly

With free entry before 7pm, this place is enjoyed by adults and kids alike. Although be aware, it does get busy so don’t keep the kids out too late if you want to take them home!

In the summer months, The Land of Bamboo re-opens with sand pits, trampolines, tiki huts and a giant towering fire pit. Perfect to keep the little ones entertained.

4. You can enjoy exotic cuisine from around the world. Even if you’re vegan

So you’re vegan and normally, at food markets, that throws up problems. But Club Mexicana at Hawker House serve jackfruit as a substitute for pulled pork. Apparently some people don’t even realise it’s not meat!

5. You can have something of everything

This is a safe place.  So go and try something from every stall and call it a full course dinner. No judging here.

6. A chilled vibe to share with your tribe

There’s at least 8 different bars here so bring the whole crew and get the rounds in at each bar.

7. Steak on a big scale

Yeah seriously. British beef grilled over charcoal and wood, served medium rare for extra tenderness. That’s how Up In My Grill do it.


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