5 Appetite Enducing Podcasts

Here at MarketDayLDN, if you give us food we give you thought. And this week we’ve found the most delectable selection of podcasts for you to feast on. While podcasts such as Serial, This American Life, and My Dad Wrote a Porno will always be team favourites, we have a few particularly special food related podcasts that we think you would enjoy, self-proclaimed foodie or not! This is all in aid of #TryPod month. March is a month in which we share our best podcast finds with our nearest and dearest… and the population of Twitter, with the hashtag #TryPod. Here are our top five #TryPod recommendations for March 2017. Any further suggestions? Tweet us @MarketDayLDN and we will update the list (once they’ve been tried and tested by us podcast connoisseurs)

1. Sporkful

(c) WNYC

Presenter Dan Pashman doesn’t want to make a fuss about food. He doesn’t see why you can’t enjoy junk food just as much as haute cuisine. He believes there is a time and a place for all foods (though when he doesn’t like something, he will certainly not hold back).

The programme follows all the trends as they pop up in NYC but from a cynical and humourous viewpoint – a new, much hyped pizza place opens up in Manhattan and he is there shunning the hours long queue, taking the piss out of the people wasting half their day for a slice of overpriced pizza, and swearing he would never do it if it weren’t for it kind of being his job. His conclusion? The pizza is amazing but not worth the wait (we have all been there).

The charm of the show comes from these kinds of experiments. Dan Pashman’s realness. He’s not into the foodie thing. He’s into food.

First course of our five course podcast tasting menu is the aforementioned pizza episode called “Is This Pizza Worth Waiting For” and then “Beyond Pat Brownies” when a group of friends experiment with some weed infused cuisine.

2. Freakonomics

(c) WNYC

It’s pretty famous by now, and clearly not strictly about food. However, presenter Steven Dubner did a mini series on the economics of food, which is particularly great. For starters, it will help you feel less bad about those supposed “blood avocados” we are sourcing from Central American and Mexican gang Lords.

It also provides a slightly subversive view to the general trend of sourcing food locally. We at MarketDayLDN love locally sourced, but are always open to adding a bit of intellectual rigour to our food ethos. A must listen for the interested foodie.

Second taster course can be found just here and here.

3. The Food Chain

(c) BBC World Service

A programme that tackles everything to do with food from every angle. No topic goes untouched. One particular series of episodes investigates the economics and politics of vegetarian – a helpful listen for anyone thinking of making the switch. More recently they have done an episode on the impact of Brexit on the Full English Breakfast.

A particular favourite of mine is “Should You Drink Your Food?”. Mainly because I get so confused, are green smoothies good for you or are they just glorified apple juice?!

This is a BBC series, but has much more personality than most BBC shows, maybe because it’s a World Service programme. And it’s definitely the most informative food podcast I have come across. Good for foodies who want to be able to hold their own in any food nerding conversation.

A perfect main course of sorts in this tasting menu loveliness.

4. The Kitchen is on Fire

the kitchen is on fire
(c) The Kitchen is on Fire

When at work and craving some banter, stick this in your ears. James Ramsden is a food writer and the show is him chatting with his friend the musician Sam Herlihy. The pair are now on a quest to open a restaurant in East London. This is obviously a podcast, and an amateur one at that. It is thirty to fifty minutes of chatter amongst friends. They discuss food amongst other things, but I particularly enjoy the food chat. Ramsden walks us through his culinary adventures – dishes he has made and places he has visited.

Next time you have to fill out some arduous form for compliance, or fix up some poorly executed PowerPoint presentation into the wee hours, pop in some “The Kitchen is on Fire” and time will pass much more pleasantly.

Enjoy any episode as a pleasant pallet cleanser. “Return to Cheese Mountain” was the first episode I listened to, so it does the trick.

5. Radio CherryBombe

(c) Heritage Radio Network

Think mixture of feminism and food. Basically this show gets me. It’s the podcast version of a magazine I had never heard of called Cherry Bombe (duh). Personally, I am not interested in reading, just listening to podcasts, and this programme is really good. The episodes focus on interviews with different top chefs and foodies, usually from the New York food scene, but all very relevant and inspiring for us o’er on this side of the pond.

The show is not perfect – the ads seem endless, and they cover some dodgy, fake-science diets like Hemsley & Hemsley’s clean eating. But generally they are into all food types – not just healthy, but primarily. I particularly enjoyed the interview episodes with the charming Padma Lakshmi (US Top Chef presenter and author) and the great Nigella Lawson.

This is the dessert tasting that will send you with a warm heart! Like a good chocolate fondant at the end of a not-too-large meal.


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