These markets will change your mind about South London.

Head south NOW for snacks

Our travels showed us most exciting new food stalls from across the Thames. Definitely worth an Instagram.

This week we decided to cross the river to see what Greenwich had to offer. Home to the first official weather forecast in the world in 1848. And seeing that there’s nothing more British than talking about the weather, this had us worried. Britain’s not exactly esteemed for its great cuisine. And we were literally going to be at 0° GMT. Once the centre of an empire. An empire where almost every other part had more exciting flavours to be found. But once we reached Greenwich food market our worries faded to a mere nostalgic chuckle at our stupidity. We were still in London. And the pulls of our joyous city (even though we were south of the river) had brought with it food from Poland, Ethiopia, Italy, Estonia and many many more.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-02 at 18.25.52

Big huge sausage from Poland

Let’s start with The Sausage – a Polish sausage stand made by real Polish people. They claim it’s the biggest sausage in London. At 12” long that’s the biggest sausage we’ve ever got to masticate. But of course whilst the size is important and at £5 a pop, you really do get good meat for your pound. But what is more important is just how god damn delicious they were. Made of 100% organic meat, either pork or chicken. Every bite is spiced to perfection. They come served in delicious crusty baguettes and topped with your classic sauce of condiments and topics of your choice. Could this be the best sausage in London? We think so.

The Sausage are at Greenwich Food Market until 5pm every day.

The Greenwich Express provided us with a delicous tandoori wrap. I don’t think we’ve ever salivated that much in our lives. The delectable chunks of Indian spiced chicken wrapped with a mixture of onions, chilis salad and chick peas and covered in yoghurt made for a treat to the tastebuds. The Greenwich Express are to be found at Greenwich food market Monday to Fridays everyday until 5pm.

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Newest, most alternative Pizza in South London

Our favourite stand of all however had to the be Panzerotte Blues. A street food invented in Puglia, a modern reincarnation of the pizza. Similar to a calzone, though don’t tell them that. They will bite your ear off. And boy do Italians have a bite – you can tell that from their deep friend pizza wrap. It looks a little bit like a cornish pasty. But when you bite into it the juicy tomato and cheesy melt oozes into your mouth. Mine came with chorizo chunks which gave a bit more kick to that classic pizza taste. The crispy outer layer that comes from the deep frying adds a fabulous texture to a classic meal that makes you wonder why they haven’t been doing this for centuries. In fact the Panzerotte pizza is an invention that was only created in the late 90s when McDonalds opened its first outlet in Puglia. A smart local restaurant owner decided to create his own greasy alternative to McDonalds using the finest Italian recipes. It wasn’t long before McDonalds had to shut down as locals were flocking to the Panzerotte stand instead of that Big Mac. How many other stands at Greenwich Market can say they ran one of the biggest food chains out of their city? I’m guessing none… Panzerotte Blues are at Greenwich market every day till 5pm and every other weekend.

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