Monday Market

Whitecross Market

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If you’re near Barbican or Old Street, your nose will likely lead you to Whitecross Market on Whitecross Street.

Every weekday, stalls fill this small street from the early hours with enticing aromas from Brazil, Italy, India and Thailand.


11:30am – 3pm

This market runs from Monday to Friday.


Bubble Wrap

If you’re in the mood for a healthy start to the week, head towards the Old Street end of the market to Bubble Wrap. They sell bibimbap: a Korean dish of rice, sautéed vegetables and egg. The Babimbap Steak wrap is healthy and hearty. Vegan and vegetarian options are also available. Wash it down with a refreshing bubble tea.

P.S. Get there early – the queues can be insane!

Holmesbake Pies

If it’s one of those Mondays, head to the Holmesbake stall for a comforting meal of English indulgence. The pies are made from scratch daily and come with a generous side of mashed potatoes. Choose from a traditional steak and ale pies or a unique hot pot pies. These come with all the toppings, so whether you like gravy or BBQ sauce on your pie, there’s something for you.