Saturday Market

Maltby Street Food Market

Tucked away in a railway viaduct in Bermondsey,  this inventive street market is filled to the brim with food and beverage traders. Visit the small, independent traders inside to get a real plateful.

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Saturday: 9am – 4pm
Sunday: 11am-4pm


Maltby Street‘s railway arches offer up fresh goods and have quickly become renowned for some popular produce.

Little Ghost Bagels

These bagels are enchanting as they sound. Acclaimed as the ‘original goth bagel’, these inspired delights are completely black because of squid ink! Stuffed with East Asian meats, tofus, pickles and veg. Vegan options are available, but we’re big fans of the Pork Belly & Pineapple Kimchi Bagel. Seriously don’t miss Little Ghost Bagels, they’re the real deal.

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Spice Box

New to Maltby Street, this Indian street food is entirely plant powered. And if you can’t decide, opt for the Sassy Spice combo box which combines all 3 daily
into 1 box. Spice Box have got your Fridays sorted with the Creamy Cashew Coconut Korma.

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Shoal Food

Fishfinger sandwiches…enough said really but we’ll expand just for you. Shoal Food capture fresh, local, sustainable and line caught fish and transform it into absolutely incredible dishes. The Haddock Chowder is also a winner, and see if you can resist the Mega Mac & Cheese with Crab.

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